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The problem is only around 20 of the tigers actually get to exercise like this daily.The rest are stuck in a cage — sometimes six big cats in one cage.Hope this helps Pwhat kind of computer specs will be needed to run leopard? this is a MBP C2D..so much graphical eye candy stuff in leopard..the MBP C2D (with ATY, Radeon 1600-i hope i got that right! KI'm About to buy a Macbook , So Will I have to buy it with the leopard Os Or can I buy it with the tiger version and then update it ((Is the leopard Os out yet ???))please any one who knows about this please help .. You said that you're going to college in late September, and Leopard releases in October.

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Just because a place is run by a bunch of “monks” doesn’t make it holy (see: monk who runs with million).

When I volunteered at Tiger Temple, there were two 2-week-olds, three 6-week-olds, and three 16-week-olds.

As I mentioned above, the temple needs babies, lots of them, because they are the cash cow of Tiger Temple.

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