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The imagery confirms that the southern highway looks the same, and should be tagged the same. Highways that can be driven upon cannot be isolated and connected to the drivable road network by paths.In this example it shows that in the farther south section the highway changes to tertiary. Instead they must be connected to it by driveable highways.A "near duplicate" is a building whose bounding box overlaps another building's bounding box by more than 50% (I couldn't get a pure area compare to work).Only the first building encountered of an overlapping pair is selected.You may still invalidate a task later if it is later found that the requirements are not met.

OSM has valuable resources including the mapping data and more importantly the volunteers who spend time updating and improving it.The aim is to prevent the same problem occurring again.If the square has been mapped properly then Stage 1 validating of a square will take considerably less time than the initial mapping did.The most frequent problem is a simple one that anyone can make, and the square has somehow been marked as complete, when it is obvious that the whole or majority of the square is still to be mapped – this type of error does not really need a message to the mapper, and may even be a software glitch (That's what we all claim).Do not invalidate a square for something that is not a requirement of the task.Have an initial quick scan around to see if you will be continuing or will be invalidating the square.If it is obvious that major improvements need to be made, click on the 'invalidate' button & add a comment explaining what needs to be done.If a mapper has made mistakes while tagging buildings they should be directed to this material: The following link provides more information on Buildings: Make sure you know exactly what the task requires and have read any wiki pages with more information about the area and tags.For detecting duplicate buildings Mike Thompson was kind enough to build a JOSM script. Tho16/JOSM-Scripts Select Duplicate To Run: * Install JOSM's Scripting Plugin * Place above file in a convenient location on your system * Click "Scripting" (on top menu bar) * Click "Run" * Click "..." button and select this file.* Click "Run" Selects duplicate, or near duplicate, area buildings in JOSM's active data layer.