Van gogh painting dating may 1889

Naked examples, along with those possessing three levels, are rarer and therefore more collectible.

Examples with a left-hand twist are also more highly prized but often go undetected; these marbles have a twist to their design that goes to the right of the viewer, rather than to the left as is much more common.

On rare occasions there will be two colors in the core, and usually these colors alternate.

The colors are typically opaque, though translucent strands do occur, especially in white examples.

Solid colored cores often have strands on their surface, either straight or twisted around the core.

Sometimes these strands "float" well above the core; in such cases the marble is considered "trilevel." The most common core colors are yellow and white when the core is solid colored; otherwise a wide variety of colored bands may comprise the core.

Like Latticinio Swirls, Solid Core Swirls almost always possess an outer design that most often consists of alternating colored bands or sets of typically white and/or yellow strands.

The most common colors on the outer design are white and yellow, followed by green, blue, pink, orange, red, and purple, and may be either transparent or opaque.Latticinio Swirls possess cores comprised of colored strands that are usually twisted into a lattice-shaped appearance.Sometimes there is little twist to the marble and the strands will be rather straight.(Below you will find marble information that was stored on Mr.Alan Basinet's Marble Website during the late 90's to the mid 2000's.Latticinio Swirls are the most common type of hand made glass marble.Compared to most other handmade marbles, Latticinio Swirls have little value, though there are several factors that can increase their value, other than large size and/or rarity of colors (especially core color).Another factor that may positively affect the value of a Transparent Swirl is if it is from the end or beginning of the cane.End-of-cane examples have a design that terminates somewhere inside the marble without reaching the other side; since they are the last marble off the cane there will only be one pontil, and it is from this that the design originates.One is whether or not there are alternating colors in the core, and another is the appearance of the core itself, specifically how well defined the lattice is.Solid Core Swirls come in several different forms, though the one pervasive trait all have is that the core appears solid, with no or at the very most minor openings.

Van gogh painting dating may 1889