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He was the deputy team leader of the imaging team on the Mariner 9 Mars Orbiter, and was chosen by NASA to lead the camera team on the Voyager missions to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

He co-discovered a circumstellar disk around the nearby star, Beta Pictoris, the first direct evidence of a planetary system beyond our own, and continued these studies as a member of the infrared camera (NICMOS) experiment on the Hubble Space Telescope.

Prior to this, he was the Staff Director of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

During his tenure there, he ran the Senate Commerce, Justice, State subcommittee that included all NOAA programs, and the Military Construction subcommittee where public/private partnerships were first used for military housing. Hd WNi0— Jim Bridenstine (@Jim Bridenstine) July 12, 2018Today I met @Team Space IL, a ground breaking Israeli commercial space company that is launching a lander to the moon this December on a @Space X rocket from @NASAKennedy.

Space IL will be the first commercial company in history to land on the lunar surface.

"This administration is committed to American leadership in space, and I look forward to working with Mr.

Morhard upon his confirmation.""MAKING HISTORY REQUIRES MISSION SUCCESS.

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But when ticket prices exceed the average cost of a 4 year college education or a family's house only rich people are going to be buying tickets. Now they have a companion website using this code under ad links that pop up all over the place: Resources/Media Kits/JWST/Home.aspx?

"I would see NASA putting satellites on top of a rocket that launches from the UK," he said."Exciting that companies will soon put customers into space. Al Mp E— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) July 18, 2018Just an FYI per earlier posts I have done Zero G training - twice and #NASTAR suborbital scientist training flying full-g simulations in their centrifuge. Comments Keith's note: Northrop Grumman has a big Webb Space Telescope Charm offense underway. First they took out that huge 0,000 full page ad in the Washington Post.

"The UK and the US have a long partnership in space exploration," he added. Sources report that former @NASA PAO AA @Jen Rae Wang (Trump appointee) is his replacement. #More Drama— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) July 17, 2018Yea but @NASA won't be using this reusable Ar-22 engine. Alas, #NASA spent a billion dollars to make a reusable Shuttle engine disposable. Lsz KW7HG— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) July 16, 2018. VXW2A— Jim Bridenstine (@Jim Bridenstine) July 13, 2018"The following is a statement from NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine on Thursday's announcement of the intended nomination by President Donald Trump of James Morhard to serve as the agency's deputy administrator: "Today the President announced his intent to nominate James Morhard as Deputy Administrator of NASA.

"Morhard is the United States Senate Deputy Sergeant at Arms.