Voddler updating player

The rest is easy, just follow the on screen prompts.

When it's done, you may need to start Plex, in which case go to package center-Plex and click on the ' Action' drop down and select run.

voddler updating player-23

Uninstalling runtime version [2010-12-:09] Uninstalling product with GUID [2010-12-:11] Runtime Installer end with exit code 0 [2010-12-:14] Runtime Installer begin with version on Windows 7 x86 [2010-12-:14] Commandline is: -silent [2010-12-:14] No installed runtime detected [2010-12-:14] Starting silent runtime install.

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@markjwarren No, personally I don't like the idea of using someone else's machine to backup my data, it's just my paranoia kicking in I think, but, like most things, you can be handing over the rights to YOUR data very easily, so make sure you read the fine print before you even consider storing your files in the 'cloud'.

With large USB and internal hard drives available, I would recommend adding a couple to your PC.