White women resentment of east asian women dating white men

I chose to stop dating white men for the same reason.

Where I personally felt more protected in a relationship with a partner of the same ethnicity, she felt trapped.

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I will be honest that the repeated number of experiences I have had with this have completely changed the way I feel about dating, which I have not done in quite a while and am not sure I want to do again.

Having something not work out is one thing, but repeatedly being exposed to overt and covert racism is another, and I don’t see any way of solving the problem.

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What you feel is subjugation may be nothing more than different views on marital roles.

For example, if a woman wants her partner to earn more money because it allows her to lead an upper-middle-class life, does that mean she’s a “gold-digger? Yet, you’re using that same exact logic to assume the worst of all men. But this is: Your solution doesn’t rest in leaving Texas or changing others’ antiquated views of Asians.