Who is mikel obi dating now tennis dating online

We cannot advise Mikel to marry a foreigner knowing full well what it involves.We’ll make him realize that if he gets married to a foreigner, whatever comes out of the marriage, he should be prepared to take it. And no brainer here, he got a lot of replies from fans.

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Details like the gender of the twins or the mother have not been revealed.

Among Nigerian footballers, only the team’s lead player John Obi Mikel is allowed to date Russian women, according to Gernot Rorh, the Nigerian team’s coach.

Mikel had earlier made public his relationship with a girl from Russia, reports Sputnik news agency.“We are partaking in a major tournament, so discipline is our team’s top priority.

Only the lead player can date a Russian girl, since he has been living with his Russian better half.

Only after matches do we allow our players to meet with their families,” Rorh told journalists.